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Consumer Data


  • In excess of 50 million records from factual data sources with over 640 selectable fields
  • Electoral Roll and additional data
  • Detailed geo-demographic profiles
  • Ability to add telephone numbers

Whether you need a list of people in a specific area, within a certain distance or time of your business locations or across the country, in a particular demographic group or a random sample, or with particular interests, hobbies, buying patterns or other characteristics, we can provide the most appropriate, accurate and up-to-date data available from a huge variety of sources.

We have data pool available in excess of 50 million records with over 640 selectable fields enabling us to provide you with accurate data to support your customer acquisition process. The available variables to choose from include homeownership, house value, marital status, gender, income, number of children, age, employment, hobbies and more.

Consumer data is provided as part of our Data Supply service. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our data supply specialists - 0151 355 4555

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