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Validation Services

Auto-populate and validate address details after entering just the house number and postcode to validating telephone numbers, email addresses and bank accounts.

Our suite of data validation services are designed to provide our customers with the assurance that all their real time data capture is correct and add additional can be added if required.

Our Validation services include:

  • Address Validation (formally Postcode lookup)
  • Phone Validation (comprised of landline validation, mobile validation and international telephone number validation)
  • Email Validation
  • Bank Validation (comprised of bank account and sort code validation and credit card validation services)
  • Lead Capture Tool (allows extensive business information to be captured and stored in CRM from a company registration number or business email at point of capture). 

Simple access to real-time data
Our Validation Services are delivered securely over the internet via web services. Once installed, our services are accessed via a request to our secure servers, the data is retrieved immediately and a response sent automatically. There is no necessity to update and maintain data as that is all done by us.

As well as being used individually, our validation services can be combined to create a powerful capture tool. See our multi-service demo to see this in action.

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