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Unusable / Salacious Names

Many websites that collect customer information will find inappropriate records in their database filled in by time wasters or people who do not want to be contacted.

Our Unusable/Salacious Names service identifies names that appear to have been maliciously or accidentally entered in an effort to avoid being contacted. It allows you to identify names that are either salacious (e.g. 'Mickey Mouse' or a swear word), random records (e.g. 'sdfsdfs') or blank.

Identifying unusable names in real-time within customer touch-points such as your website, ensures that you minimise time wasters and maximise the chances that you are going to get usable contact details from your prospect. On top of this, it improves your brand reputation as the prospect is likely to be impressed that they cannot get away with their cheeky data entry attempts.

The service checks against hundreds of recognised swear words and other salacious names and also cross checks against millions of white-listed known names to save false positives.

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Salacious Names

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