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Storing duplicate ID’s in a batch job

Each Dedupe+ Job now has an additional toggle field, allowing you to store the duplicate id within duplicate entity itself.

This will allow you to perform advanced finds and identify duplicates outside of the batch results – using the “data8_duplicatedetectedid” on the relevant entity (for example account or contact).

This will require us to modify any duplicate records found, meaning the modifiedon and modifiedby date would be updated using the account that you have authorised under your account within Data8.


Running batch deduplication with a subset against a bigger set

You can now take a group of records and dedupe it against a separate group of records.

This will allow you to perform much specialised and efficient dedupe jobs within your environment. Imagine this scenario: “I would like to dedupe all contacts created today against my entire list of active contacts”. Previously, you would only have been able to do a dedupe job on the “Active Contacts” saved view without any guarantee there was even any contacts created today – you may also get extra duplicates highlighted which wasn’t the main reason for you running the job.

Now, you are able to specify the following:

  • “Filtered Master View” – this is the records you want to find duplicates for.
  • “Filtered Candidate View” – this is the records you want to find the duplicate within.

In order to do the scenario mentioned above, you could make a saved view called “Contacts Created Today” and set that to be your “Filtered Master View”. You could then either leave “Filtered Candidate View” blank (meaning all records) or specify “Active Contacts”. The result would be that we would look for any duplicates only of the contacts created today.

This same functionality has been extended into schedules too so you can run this on a schedule also.



The whole duplicare solution is now fully developed tested within the Unified Client Interface  and now is at full feature parity with the original user interface.