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Version - Major Release


Lead To Contact/Account & Lead To Contact Merging

When a potential is found on a cross entity rule of either lead to contact or lead to account, you will now be able to merge that directly – treating the lead as a contact and/or an account respectively. This action also works in a batch environment.

For more details, see our latest documentation which goes into it in much more depth.

Storing changes in Managed solutions rather than Unmanaged Solutions *Reverted in

When making changes, we have required a single Unmanaged solution as a place to store those changes. Moving forward, each change will be stored in it's own unique managed solution - this will reduce any problems caused when moving solutions across environments.

Server Side Batch Improvements

The Data8 side of the batch system has been re-written in order to improve the speed of all batch jobs processed.

Bug Fixes around Exact Match

Some issues were identified when using specific combinations of minimum prefix length and misspelling rates which have now been rectified.

Batch Groups Name Edit

Batch Groups will now show the primary name attribute as a comma separated string in order to get a better idea of the data involved.

Fix V9+ Bug When Editing SdkMessageProcessingStepImages through Code

An issue was identified when trying to make a fuzzy address on address2 when address1 was already created – this issue only affected v9+