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Dedupe+ Rule Creation

Added a missing hidden field to the Dedupe+ Rule form to fix an error when creating a new Dedupe+ Rule.

Duplicate Detection with particular rule combinations

When making changes, we have required a single Unmanaged solution as a place to store those changes. Moving forward, each change will be stored in it's own unique managed solution - this will reduce any problems caused when moving solutions across environments.

Removed Managed Metadata Changes

Version introduced a change where any field, SDK message processing step etc. that was created when configuring duplicare was done as a managed change. This was a breaking change that caused issues when enabling duplicare features on unmanaged entities, and has been rolled back in this release.

If you are upgrading from a previous version 2.0.0.x release, please deactivate any configuration entities e.g. Dedupe+ Rules, Merge+ Rules etc. first, then install this version, then reactivate those configuration entities again.

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