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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is an agency focus on providing aid and protection to displaced communities, refugees and other people of concern.

The Challenge

UNHCR were going through an exercise to migrate the records relating to UK donors from their Global Salesforce Database to a new Salesforce instance.  As part of this process, UNHCR had identified poor quality data which was unformatted, inconsistent, incomplete, out-of-date and contained duplicates.

The key requirements of the project were to cleanse, improve and deduplicate the records that would be migrated.

The Objective

With such a big task to tackle, UNHCR needed to work with a data quality partner that fitted around them and what they required. Flexibility was crucial to the project whilst offering a service that could resolve any data quality issues to the highest standard possible.

UNHCR looked at a number of companies offering data cleansing, but found the process challenging in identifying a company that could understand their objectives fully. Upon contacting Data8, our Technical team worked in partnership with the charity’s Data team to fully understand their end-goals in relation to the migration project.

The Solution

After a thorough interrogation of their data by our technical director, Richard Hartland, UNHCR were provided with a detailed, yet clear, data cleanse specification. Data8 implemented a 5 step process to cleanse their supporter database with each step being clearly defined that would address all their tricky database issues. These were:

  • Data Supply – Identification and receipt of the specific data to be improved
  • Specify – Creation  a specification to deliver to the exact requirements
  • Improve, and Cleanse – Cleansing of data including Identifying gone away and deceased records, address enhancement, email and telephone validation
  • Deduplicate and Merge – Identification and merge of duplicate records using bespoke rules  
  • Output – Output of cleansed, deduplicated data in the exact format specified

With regular guidance from our charity sector consultant UNHCR also received dedicated hands-on support and guidance from one of our most senior members of the Data8 technical team. 

The Outcome

With the changes and rules implemented in the UNHCR CRM system, duplicates identified and merged within the database allowed for a much more affective and accurate database.

UNHCR were able to utilise Data8’s data cleanse service to identify movers, deceased and Goneaways and format and validate their historic telephone numbers and email addresses.  

Working With Data8

After working with Data8, Sophie Webster Marketing Manager at UNHCR stated that ‘'The hands-on help and nurturing provided to us from Data8 has been amazing. The help we received from the Data8 Technical Director in dealing with our unique case was something that we were never going to get elsewhere, and this is truly what made Data8 stand head and shoulders above the rest.''

When speaking about the results of Data8’s work, Sophie mentioned ‘'At UNHCR, we were ecstatic with the outcome and results of Data8’s work. We will be looking to use Data8 again in the future for their data cleanse services, for sure!’’