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Data8 Duplicare™ merged over 4,000 duplicates in the first 6 months, saving over 250 hours manually checking for duplicates.


About Dynamic Communities

Dynamic Communities is the supporting organization behind the User Group for Dynamics 365 (D365UG®), The User Group for Dynamics AX (AXUG®), the User Group for Dynamics CRM (CRMUG®), the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG®), the User Group for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV (BCUG/NAVUG™), the Dynamics SL User Group (DSLUG), and the Power BI User Group (PUG).Dynamic Communities is independent of Microsoft; however, our close working relationship positions our groups to be a collective voice to Microsoft on user concerns, needs, and requests. The Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG) is a User-driven, independent organization powered by Dynamic Communities. CRMUG Members learn, network, and share expertise through educational events, webinars, training courses, virtual collaborative meetings, regional networking opportunities and a vibrant online community. For more information visit



Dynamics Communities was experiencing problems caused by a high level of duplicates in their CRM. Additionally, there was an issue with badly formatted data; particularly phone numbers. Ashley’s objective was to get the system so clean that they could run daily batch processing to identify and merge duplicates.



Data8 Duplicare™ was easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to use. The merge rules allowed us to make it so easy that our users feel very comfortable merging and have to do little work to do the merge. The scheduling tool allows us to set batches to run, which saves us time from having to manually check newly created contacts.”

“The main benefit is the time saved – we used to spend at least an hour a day manually checking for duplicates.”



“We are able to identify duplicates more easily. We don’t have “clear” duplicates in our system. Our data is fed into our system from our websites; it is not entered by our users.

The duplicates do not always have a unique identifier: for example, people can be created with different email addresses, so we needed the advanced fuzzy logic in Data8 duplicare™ to find duplicates.”

“We used Data8 Duplicare™ to merge over 4,000 duplicates in the first 6 months.”



It was exactly what we needed in a partner. We didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to setting up the tool or learning code to set one up, so this was the biggest thing we were looking for. Data8 duplicare™ checked all the boxes for us in that way.

The folks at Data8 are great to work with as well! I was a bit worried at first since we are located on different continents in terms of support or questions, but they are so quick to respond you would never know.

CRM Manager at Dynamic Communities


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