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The Data8 Phone Validation service standardises and verifies mobile and landline numbers at point of capture. Even international phone numbers are covered, and with a series of ready-made integrations and API's you can be up and running in minutes. In fact, Data8 Phone validation can be used anywhere data is entered electronically, regardless of whether you require it for a web from, CRM system, ePOS or bespoke system.

The flexibility of our credit packs also means that they can be used across systems at the same time (e.g. on a website form and a CRM system)  

Phone Validation

How does Phone Validation work?

A phone call is one of the most effective tools for doing business, but it only takes a single mistyped digit to turn a prospective customer into a lost opportunity.

Our Phone Validation service goes beyond checking the length of the number; it verifies whether it’s callable and identifies information such as its type, location and network.

The Data8 Phone Validation service Identifies whether the number entered is a landline, mobile or international number and validates appropriately, and even formats the number correctly to match! This allows flexibility to validate, and format numbers from a single 'Phone' field.

For UK numbers you can also add our optional TPS Screening.

We don’t cache results; we check each number in real time, so you can be confident all information is 100% accurate and up-to-date.


Real-time Validation

Data8 Phone Validation checks mobile, landline and international numbers in real-time, to ensure that numbers captured on forms are up-to-date and accurate.

Increased conversions

Without validation at point of entry, you risk capturing mistyped phone data, jeopardising any future communication and therefore losing a prospective customer from the offset.

Save time

In business, time is money. By capturing accurate phone numbers first time, you’ll cut time spent calling invalid numbers and re-capturing correct data, while reducing missed opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

Telecommunications is still the most popular method of communication, by validating numbers at point of entry, you deliver a smooth experience for your customers and your staff.

Multiple platforms

Whether filled in by customers or staff, small mistakes can cost big business. With our phone validation service on your website, app, and CRM, you’re covered across all systems.


Verifying phone numbers has never been easier. With a simple, seamlessly integrated API, you get full power to validate at point of capture, pre-send or as a batch cleanse.

Easily integrate with a number of platforms

Our Phone Validation service is available across a wide range of platforms including:

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Simple Per-Lookup Pricing

We have a wide range of pricing options to suit your business needs


1,000 lookups




10,000 lookups



High Volume

25,000 lookups




Let's chat about your phone validation needs so that we can create a package for you.


Why not try checking your phone number for yourself!

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Add Phone Validation credits to your account or top-up existing credits
Data8 Unify
Data8 Unify

This service is available as part of Data8 Unify

With Data8 Unify, use a single credit pack to access our key validation services, eliminating the need to purchase separate credits for Address, Phone, email and Bank Validation. Data8 Unify Packs can be used across all Integrations, regardless of whether you use our services in a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, web forms, e-commerce platform or via an API.

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