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Data8 believes that customer success is the key to every successful business. This philosophy has underpinned all our services since the start and has enabled us to become the leading data quality and data management solutions provider, through automating processes and providing consultative solutions to our clients. We enable our customers to completely trust their data and through its effective management, to transform their business.

The services provided include real time data validation, comprehensive data cleansing, B2B and B2C data supply, data management, analytics, and visualisation enabling a Single Customer View. Data8’s commitment to customer success and product innovation has grown its client base to include both small and large enterprises world-wide

Data8 offers the most comprehensive data cleansing, real-time data validation and data supply services. Our services provide accurate data which is easy to use, making us the perfect choice for your data quality needs.

We have comprehensive online and bureau data cleansing services which includes database cleansing, telephone appendingTPS screeninggoneaway and deceased screening/suppression and de-duplication of customer data.

We also offer real-time data validation web services that are easy to install and implement into your CRM and websites, providing auto fill solutions and verifying the identity and credit details of a customer or prospect.

Data8's in-house data universe includes B2B and consumer data, we also supply data on new business start-ups generated by our in-house research and telemarketing team.

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