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Data8’s vast suite of validation tools will help you quickly capture and verify customer data at point of entry.


Our market-leading suite encompasses real-time validation, business insights and TPS screening to achieve a more accurate, detailed profile of every customer on your database.

With advanced fuzzy logic and predictive technology, you’ll improve all aspects of your customer’s data, which in turn will enhance UX, streamline checkout operations, and reduce cart abandonment.

Each of our products come with complimentary, unlimited support from our expert team, and can be easily installed and integrated into your system in minutes.

Address Validation

Autofill details from a postcode or partial address using Predictive Address™ & Postcode Lookup™

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Phone Validation

Seamlessly validate and update national & internal telephone numbers including landline and mobile.

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Email Validation

Check your email addresses are correct, complete, and without errors or any form of duplicate entries. Help whitelist your data.

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Bank Validation

Check bank account, sort code, and credit card. Minimise bogus registrations, fraud, and help reduce re-processing fees.

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Eircode Validation

Eircode is Ireland's advanced Postcode platform proven to reduce the amount of failed deliveries by allocating a unique postal code

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Business Insights

Get everything you need to know about your customers and prospects. Get a complete profile on your audience

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Discover the power of an accurate, single customer view by intelligently deduping, merging and standardising all records.

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Data Cleansing

Don’t let dirty data slow you down; improve efficiencies by regularly cleansing, modifying and enriching your decayed data in bulk.

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Data Profiling Services

Our suite of data profiling services is designed to provide our customers with the ability to capture and validate profiles quickly.

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