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Enhance customer service using contact data quality solutions


Good quality data is vital to ensure utility companies deliver returns in an increasingly competitive market. With a large customer base, organised and efficient databases are required in order to manage customers effectively.  Data quality management improves communications including billing statements, improves communications such as billing statements, customer experience and increased operational organisation through correction of invalid records

Human input can cause a variety of mistakes; from mistyping and misunderstanding to bogus errors and fraud. With customers commonly shopping around for quotes, it's easy to understand why filling in the same details numerous times can cause inconsistencies.

How we can Help you

Improved customer retention and loyalty

Improve efficiencies and maximise ROI

Improved ability to obtain new customers

Ensure communications are sent to the correct recipient


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Data Validation

Our suite of data validation tools will help you quickly capture and verify customer data at point of entry.

Data Cleansing

Improve the quality of your B2B and B2C databases with cleansing services from Data8. Suppress and cleanse movers, deceased and gone-aways. 

Business Insights

From just one company name, we instantly generate a comprehensive, up to date profile report encompassing its background, current credit position and full financial history.

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