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The recent upturn within the manufacturing industry has seen employment reach over 8 million people, making the UK the seventh largest manufacturing and engineering nation in the world.

Our customer base of manufacturing companies has grown in recent years with more companies wanting to ensure their data is cleansed. More auto-fill validation solutions have been deployed to make it easier for website users to populate online forms and for companies to add new supply data and services to help increase their customer reach.  

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Improve customer satisfaction

Improve efficiencies and maximise ROI

Improve ability to obtain new customers

Ensure communications are sent to the correct recipient


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Data Validation

Our suite of data validation tools will help you quickly capture and verify customer data at point of entry.

Data Cleansing

Improve the quality of your B2B and B2C databases with cleansing services from Data8. Suppress and cleanse movers, deceased and gone-aways. 

Business Insights

From just one company name, we instantly generate a comprehensive, up to date profile report encompassing its background, current credit position and full financial history.

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