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The work of charities is all about making a difference, but in today's changing world, it can be more challenging than ever to engage with supporters and fundraisers.

With the loss of traditional fundraising events and key resources due to the pandemic over the last 2 years, many charities are relying on their supporter database more than ever to communicate and engage. As a result of this, it's never been more important to have accurate data, from address details to telephone and email addresses.

We understand the challenge facing charities right now and have a number of services to help, including a dedicated Charity Sector Data Specialist and Data Quality Services available at a reduced cost price for non-profits.

Data Quality

Whether you are looking to cleanse your existing data or take steps to improve the accuracy at point of capture. Data8 can offer expertise in both cleanse and validation to give you confidence when you engage with supporters, donors and fundraisers. 

Data Cleansing

  • Free Data Quality Audit with every file uploaded, highlighting the quality of the data provided and how it can be improved
  • Secure Environment -We are ISO27001 certified
  • Costings provided
  • No set up fees or subscription
  • Tailored cleansing options to meet your budget

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Data Validation

  • Free 14-day Trial
  • Real-time data validation at point of capture for greater accuracy
  • End-user friendly solutions
  • Streamline online-shop checkouts 
  • Fuzzy logic and predictive AI technology
  • Simple and quick integrations
  • Discounted pricing structures for Charity and NFPs

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Data8 Online

Our self-service portal is a great place to start on your journey to improving data quality.

Data8 Online enables you to:

  • Format addresses to Royal Mail PAF standard
  • Remove duplicate data
  • Identify goneaway and deceased records and append new mover addresses
  • Validate email addresses and telephone numbers
  • Manage your account
  • Purchase additional, reduced-rate data validation credits

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How Data8 can Help your Charity

  • Enhance your address quality to provide you with accurate standardised addresses to improve mail delivery rates and provide greater detection of duplicates
  • Identify goneaways and unmailable addresses, reducing unnecessary print and mailing costs
  • Help you claim the most amount of gift aid as possible
  • Make sure you are contacting the maximum number of supporters at the right address
  • Reconnect with supporters who have moved to a new address
  • Identifying deceased records to help protect your brand image and avoid supporter upset and stress
  • Reduce email bounce-backs and improving email deliverability rates
  • TPS and CTPS checking to ensure compliance with regulation

Popular Integrations

Explore our Solutions

Data Validation

Our suite of data validation tools will help you quickly capture and verify customer data at point of entry.

Data Cleansing

Improve the quality of your B2B and B2C databases with cleansing services from Data8. Suppress and cleanse movers, deceased and gone-aways. 

Business Insights

From just one company name, we instantly generate a comprehensive, up to date profile report encompassing its background, current credit position and full financial history.

Next Steps...

If you are ready to get started, sign-up to our online self-service portal account and start your free 14-day trial (no card details needed).

If you still need some expert advice, our team are ready to help, just leave your message and someone will be in touch shortly.