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Meet the Team


Antony Allen | Managing Director

Antony oversees the strategic direction and vision of Data8. Under his leadership Data8 has grown to be a respected leader in Total Data Quality management including a full suite of data cleansing, data validation, and data supply services.

His vision to offer customers ‘data you can trust’ began many years ago and he achieved his vision when he founded Data8 in 2005.


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Richard Hartland | Technical Director

Richard helped Antony realise his vision to start Data8 in 2005. He is responsible for delivering Data8’s data quality services as cloud applications that deliver market leading dependability and performance.

He is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of the Data8 database and guides the overall direction, planning and continual improvement of the database as well as developing data quality ‘best practices’.


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Mark Carrington | Chief Technologist

Mark leads Data8’s innovative product development team. The team is responsible for developing Data8’s cleanse, validate and supply solutions.

As well as developing new services, Mark manages the team who are responsible for the day to day maintenance of the data quality systems, giving clients the security of having a maximum up time. 


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Senior Management Team

Dale Pilling | Commercial Director

Dale leads the team that delivers our range of data management and data supply solutions to the ever growing customer base of Data8.

He also has responsibility for the New Business Data supplied from our sister company, the New Business Data Company.


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Bernie Sherlock | Head of Client Services

Bernie is responsible for the day to day running of the call centre teams, managing the contracts and growing Data8’s existing client base.

Her team provides businesses with a resource that will allow them to grow their customer base and increase both revenue and profitability through outsourcing their Account Management, Appointment Setting or utilising our Advanced Data Cleansing services.


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Matt Beard | Development Team Leader

Matt leads the development team, responsible for the maintenance and development of all existing and upcoming products from Data8.

Matt also is a big advocate for Microsoft Dynamics and the PowerPlatform and is often attending, presenting and socialising at various events around the world throughout the year.



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