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Maximising Gift Aid Contributions

The gift of giving is something that we should all feel drawn to throughout our lives. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves to have a better life. Whatever the charity you’re donating to, you will have the comfort of knowing that your donation is going towards a good cause. If you have just started donating to a charity in the past few years, you may have noticed something called Gift Aid...

What is Gift Aid?

If you’re a resident in the UK and looking to donate to your favourite charity, you will notice that there is an option to provide something called ‘Gift Aid’.

Gift Aid is a UK Government incentive that will provide 25% on top of whatever you give towards a charity, meaning charities can claim extra money from HMRC and give more to the causes they care about. As 25% of whatever you contribute is an exceptional portion of the money, Gift Aid has rapidly become one of the most important sources of income for many charities across the UK.

There are no additional costs for those donating when they opt-in to Gift Aid, but without it, charities miss out on much-needed beneficial income.


How Does a Charity Qualify for GiftAid?

As Gift Aid makes up a good portion of donations for charities, it is vital that they ensure they qualify for the government incentive. 

Tax Payer
For the donation to qualify for Gift Aid, the individual donating must be a valid UK tax payer. Without it, the donation will not qualify for Gift Aid.
If you are donating to a charity and your circumstances change to the point that you no longer pay tax, let your charity know as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will continue to claim Gift Aid and you as the donator will need to pay the 25% additional difference back to HMRC.

Valid Name
To be accepted for Gift Aid, the charity will need to acquire to the correct name from the donator. HMRC will not accept any salacious names when the application is sent across.

Valid UK Address
The most vital information needed to claim Gift Aid is the donators first line of address, town and postcode. Without this, HMRC will reject the application for Gift Aid.

Validating the Relevant Information

If you work for a charity and you’re wondering if there is a way to ensure Gift Aid information is correct, there are a few validation tools out there to help you.

  • Name Validation: If your Gift Aid claims contain salacious names, there is a way of stopping this from happening.
    Data8’s Name Validation service will help you to capture only valid names at the point of entry and can be integrated into your web forms quickly and easily.
  • Address Validation: The biggest problem for charities across the UK when claiming Gift Aid is acquiring accurate and valid address data. With point-of-capture validation services, we help charities ensure their address data is valid and accurately formatted.

Ready to Trial Our Validation Services?

It’s important to ensure that the requirements are met when applying for GiftAid with HMRC. But without a validation service to ensure that the data being captured is valid, you could miss out on some much-needed revenue from Gift Aid.

Data8’s Address Validation services, PredictiveAddress™ and Postcode Lookup can ensure that address information that is captured and stored in your supporter database is accurate and valid. And the best part? All Data8 Services are offered at a reduced rate for Charities.

Click here to find out more about Data8’s Address Validation

Data8’s Name Validation: Data8’s Name Validation software will allow you to capture accurate names at the point of entry and can be integrated into your web forms quickly and easily.

Click here to find out more about Data8’s Name Validation


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