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Upload and cleanse files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

ISO27001 Certified

For complete piece of mind

UK Based Data Centres

All data is processed and cleansed at our UK based data centres

Data8 Online is designed to be easy-to-use so that clients do not need to be technical experts to use the services. Each file submitted to the service results in a FREE data quality audit that gives an overview of the current state of the submitted data. Data8 Online is available with no annual fee and no subscription requirements

Data8 Online 

Data8 Online provides you with a great deal of flexibility, it allows different file formats and layouts to be uploaded, gives the ability to select specific services, control levels of matching and processing hierarchy through easy-to-use menus.  With a Data8 Online account, you also receive a number of benefits, without having to pay an annual license fee

Account Management and Technical Support

An office based team to support with all aspects of using the system, including onboarding and training

Fast Processing Times

Upload, Audit and Cleanse Files quickly and easily

Always accurate. Always up to date.

A comprehensive range of sources that are constantly updated

Unlimited Users

There is no limit to the amount of users that you can have at your company

Concurrent Processing

Multiple files can be processed concurrently

Online Dashboard

Control access to users, access terms and conditions, invoices and control settings such as how long we store data for

Secure Environment

We are ISO27001 certified

Free Data Quality report with every file upload

A detailed appraisal of your data including a data quality score to identify potential areas of improvement

Data Sources

At Data8, we pride ourselves on our data independence. Unlike many of our direct competitors we are not owned or influenced by a major data provider and as such we have access to the widest possible range of industry-leading data sources, including Mortascreen, TBR, NCOA, Royal Mail PAF, BT, the DMA, GAS and More...

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If you are looking to resell our services to your clients we offer a range of benefits including branded Data Quality Audits and discounted costs - Click here for more information

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