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Goneaway Suppression

Our Goneaway screening service enables customers to identify people who have moved residences and remove them from their database. This suppression service is used prior to mailing campaigns with a cost less than a single mailing, saving time and money for our customers.

Our Goneaway suppression service ensures correct removal by automatically combining data from many credible sources including

A selection of Goneaway Suppression sources

We use a wide range of sources to keep your data as clean as possible. Below is just a selection that we use

Equifax Logo


Equifax provides a database of confirmed goneaways and deceased with over 25m records in the last 6 years

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Re-mover logo


Re-mover is a goneaway suppression file from The Ark. It records every transaction recorded by UK estate agents

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Acxiom logo


Acxiom ensure you only mail people who currently live at a target address – and avoid paying for false goneaways.

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Royal Mail logo


The NCOA is a list of people who have taken out a permanent redirection and given permission for their data to be used.

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Why do you need Goneaway Suppression?

Save time and money by compiling a valid contact list.

Increase marketing effectiveness.

Protect your overall brand reputation from negative press.

Ensure your company is legally compliant.


Duplicare Icon


Discover the power of an accurate, single customer view by intelligently deduping, merging and standardising all records.

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Data Cleansing Icon

Data Cleansing

Don’t let dirty data slow you down; improve efficiencies by regularly cleansing, modifying and enriching your decayed data in bulk.

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Data Profiling Services

Data Profiling Services

Our suite of data profiling services is designed to provide our customers with the ability to capture and validate profiles.

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