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Britain’s towns and cities are constantly growing and evolving: business names change, single residences become apartments, new properties are built. And with more than 3,000 address changes each week, your database needs to keep up. Otherwise your business could fall behind.

The Postcode Address File (PAF®) is the UK’s most up-to-date address database and contains accurate address data for over 33 million UK postal delivery addresses. There are also 1.8 million postcodes and 1.4 million business addresses within the database which has between 4 – 5,000 updates on a daily basis.

By using Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) which contains the latest, most accurate UK address data coupled with our technology, we compare your data against the PAF to instantly update the records in your file and not fall victim to the vast amount of movers.



Discover the power of an accurate, single customer view by intelligently deduping, merging and standardising all records.

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Data Cleansing

Don’t let dirty data slow you down; improve efficiencies by regularly cleansing, modifying and enriching your decayed data in bulk.

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Data Profiling Services

Our suite of data profiling services is designed to provide our customers with the ability to capture and validate profiles.

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