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To complement our self-serve portal, Data8 Online and our Automated Services, we also offer a range of professional services to help your organisation with any Data Quality issues or where your cleansing requirements fall outside of a self-serve or automated data cleanse requirement. The Data8 Professional Services Team can help with both bespoke data cleansing projects and data migration projects. Explore each of these services below:

Bespoke Cleansing

Bespoke Cleansing Solutions

Speak to our experts to solve your bespoke data cleansing problems

Data Cleansing can be complicated and our experts are available to talk through your requirements and help design a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. This could be anything from the simplest job where you just want confidence that it is all in good hands, through to the most complex of processes – our team have seen most requirements before.

Examples of work we frequently perform

  • Multi-file deduplication
  • Complex deduplication and merge rules
  • Bespoke problems to your industry and/or data
  • Unusual data flow problems

Our data analysts and developers can help solve the problem


Data Migration Projects

Many CRM projects focus too much on platform choice and configuration of the front end. They frequently fail as the data quality aspect is not given the same consideration. In many cases, data migration from several source systems to a new CRM can be a complex dedupe and merge project; failure to recognise this often leaves a database full of duplicates and inconsistencies with frustrated users.

Our simple 5 step process ensures we work with you to design a data migration process.

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