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The Bereavement Register

The Bereavement Register (TBR) was launched by the REaD Group as a service for members of the general public and was designed to remove from databases and mailing files the names and addresses of people who had died.

The TBR has one simple aim: To reduce the mail sent to those who have died and consequently make the passage of bereavement a little bit easier. The TBR claims to cover 96% of UK deaths with many of these captured within 14 days of recorded death.

The REaD Group owns and maintains the TBR and licenses Data8 to resell the service as part of their deceased suppression service. Using data cleansing to remove deceased records will avoid causing distress to bereaved relatives and will protect your brand. It can focus your resources in the right direction and reduce the costs of wasted communications.

The majority of the data contained in the TBR file is received by using Death Certificate wallets that are circulated to funeral directors and registrars. This method means that deceased information is added to the database very quickly, usually within a few weeks of death.

Deceased Suppression - TBR is used within our deceased suppression service along with many other sources of deceased data. You can get a free data quality report to find out how many of your records are deceased by using our data cleansing service.


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