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Address verification tools offer a faster and easier way to capture, validate and standardise address data. Regardless of whether our services are integrated via your CRM, web-forms, e-commerce platform, POS system or a bespoke platform via our API, you can be up and running with Address Validation in minutes. By using one of our address verification services, you will capture valid & correctly formatted address data from the point of capture whilst providing your customer and users with an enhanced user experience that dramatically speeds up the process of address entry. Simultaneously, our advanced API will remove any errors in submissions at any point you capture address data electronically.

Our address validation software calls upon a wide range of sources to give you confidence that address data entered will always be accurate and of the highest quality, for over 250 countries across the globe. These include:

  • Royal Mail PAF (Postcode Address File), containing over 30 million records, updated daily
  • Data8 Business Universe, containing 2 million+ B2B records that you won't find from any other provider
  • Not-yet-built and multi-residence data; identify premises under construction and premises with shared letterboxes with confidence
  • Global Coverage for over 250 countries, including USPS and Eircode


How does it work?

How Address Validation works

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the option between two different formats of address validation, PredictiveAddress and Postcode Lookup. Both of these methods provide customers with unique ways on acquiring formatted, accurate and valid address data, verifying an address at the point of capture.


How Does PredictiveAddress Work?

PredictiveAddress is our industry-leading Address Validation feature that enables a customer to simply start typing their address into the blank field. As they type in their address, a drop-down menu will appear below the blank field, providing the customer with a variety of addresses they can choose from (matching their already written criteria).​​ This list is real-time generated, allowing for a more accurate input.

Improve your customer experience with our tool's built-in 'Fuzzy Logic'. Our 'Fuzzy Logic' means that you can start at any point in the address, misspell a word or type ''four'' instead of ''4''. 

Predictive Address: Verify Address at Point of Capture

Address Autocomplete, regardless of where you start

Through the use of a sophisticated AI, a customer may start writing from any part of their address. Once the customer starts typing, PredictiveAddress will start to formulate a list of options to choose from. This even works by simply inserting a postcode.

Want to know more about how PredictiveAddress works? Click the button below. Alternatively, give our PredictiveAddress demo and try!



We all make mistakes, and our PredictiveAddress AI knows that! Check out what our intelligent Fuzzy Logic can overcome. 

Whether you are adding extra spaces in between words, or adding spaces within the word itself, our Fuzzy Logic AI will overcome the mistake of too many keystrokes. 

Must like having too many spaces, Fuzzy Logic can predict the address without the need of spaces at all!

Most people nowadays are using mobile phones. This means that we are more prone to the odd typo or two. Luckily, Fuzzy Logic can work around this. 

Could you spell in an address in multiple different ways? Our Fuzzy Logic AI looks past phonetic spellings, providing the user with words that sound the same but are spelt differently. 

Is it 'Abbey Road' or 'Abbey Rd'? Luckily Data8's Fuzzy Logic AI believes that both could mean the same thing!

Not sure if the 'i' comes before the 'e'? Data8's fuzzy logic can still predict an address with transposed characters. Meaning the user can get away with a few spelling mistakes.

PredictiveAddress Demo



Not sure what to type? Why not try:

This table shows the relative age and wealth of the local population compared to the country as a whole. A - F indicates the age (A being the youngest, F the oldest), and 1 - 4 indicates the wealth (1 being the wealthiest, 4 being the least wealthy).

  A B C D E F

Like what you're seeing? Why not select one of the following options...

How Does Postcode Lookup Work?

Postcode Lookup works in a similar way to PredictiveAddress in that it provides a customer with a list of addresses to choose from. However, the difference here is that the list of addresses formulated will only be displayed after the customer inserts a UK postcode AND clicks on a button that activates the search.

Postcode Lookup: Verify Address at the Point of Capture

Postcode Lookup: Same data, different method

Using the same database as PredictiveAddress, the results provided from the search will mirror the same results that would be provided from PredictiveAddress.

Want to know more about how Postcode Lookup works? Click the button below. Alternatively, give our Postcode Lookup a demo a try.

Postcode Lookup Demo

Want to give our Postcode Lookup tool a try? Simply type in your postcode in the field below and click 'find'.

What are the Benefits?



High quality data


By instantly predicting and validating each field, you capture complete, accurate and deliverable addresses across all systems – from external ePOS forms to internal CRM software.

Increased conversions


Storing complete, high quality address data improves business intelligence, increases deliverability and enhances the response rate from sales and marketing efforts.

Reduced keystrokes


Just like predictive text, predictive address uses intelligent type-ahead technology to reduce address entry time by up to 80-percent – all without compromising on quality.

Easy Integration


Designed with you in mind, our address lookup services are quick and easy to use, allowing you to capture valid address data in real-time, all via a single, seamlessly integrated API.

Secure & Resilient


We are fully ISO27001:2013 certified so you can be confident that your data is safe and secure backed by high availability, highly resilient infrastructure

Enhanced satisfaction


Easier website usability, faster checkouts, minimized friction – what more could your customers want? Address validation can cut cart abandonments and boost your reputation.

This service is available as part of Data8 Unify

With Data8 Unify, use a single credit pack to access our key validation services, eliminating the need to purchase separate credits for Address, Phone, email and Bank Validation. Data8 Unify Packs can be used across all Integrations, regardless of whether you use our services in a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, web forms, e-commerce platform or via an API.


Easily integrate with a number of platforms

Our Predictive Address Software is available across a wide range of platforms including:

Integrate our address validation into Magento
Integrate our address validation into Open cart
Integrate our address validation into PrestaShop
Integrate our address validation into WordPress
Integrate our address validation into Formstack
Integrate our address validation into Microsoft Dynamics
Integrate our address validation into Salesforce
Integrate our address validation into Unbounce
Integrate our address validation into Sage
Integrate our address validation into Shopify
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