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Automotive Data Solutions

High quality customer data aids automotive companies to execute multi-channel marketing and targeted communications


Inaccurate data throws many obstacles - unrealiable analysis, high email bouncebacks, high costs and diminished reputation. Automotive companies who focus on achieving good quality data reduce these obstacles and improve results within company-wide objectives.

Validation, cleansing, enrichment and management of data improves customer management, communications, analysis and ultimately improves ROI.






Data validation integrates seamlessly to avoid these errors in input, ensuring that data quality is improved and maintained quickly to avoid losing engagement and interest.

Data cleansing corrects errors already in the database, inroducing high levels of data quality - from de-duplication to enriching, correcting and formatting the data.



Benefits of implementing data quality solutions


Enable loyalty programs and multi channel marketing

Strengthen customer targeting and profiling initiatives

Improve ROI by reducing costs by only contacting relevant and valid customers

Improve management of contact data - country specific formatting and standardisation



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