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Financial Data Services

Improve data quality to reduce risk, stay compliant and increase customer satisfaction.



Financial service organisations hold a plethora of customer data and ensuring it is all accurate contributes to fraud prevention, forecast creation, targeting and compliance. Erroneous data can lead to bad communications, privacy breeches or legal implications.



How do errors occur?


Errors in contact data are found across a variety of channels. From mistyping to misunderstanding, or even bogus details and fraud, human input can cause a variety of mistakes and unfavourable entries which will leave databases inaccurate and even invalid. 






- Cleanse customer data to ensure there is no duplication, removing goneaway and deceased records, identifying where customers have moved to. 

- Manage your data to create a single customer view in the database, improving analysis accuracy.

- Adding value to your data by appending telephone numbers and emails, providing an alternative contact option.

- Data validation ensures complete, correct and consistent contact data

- Complete your due dilligence using business profilesidentity validation and bank validation




Benefits of implementing data quality solutions


Reduce mailing wastage and improve ROI by removing inaccurate data.

Identify and gain new addresses for customers who have moved.

Provide targeted communications to offer relevent services

Append business credit information quickly.

"We use Data8's address validation services, which gives us a great value way of improving our customer's experience on our website. Helping to improve click through rates and sales revenues." Emma Bostock, Head of Marketing, Quote Me Today LLP

Company Image Emma Bostock, Head of Marketing, Quote Me Today LLP

"The enhancements delivered from Data8 have transformed our marketing activities through ensuring data is accurate and compliant, the number of returned mail reduced by 28% as a result of the integrated reference to the goneaway file. The process of appending additional information and flagging for suppression within our CRM system has ensured that our processes are robust, in addition the auto stamp of an audit has ensured we can track when data was last cleansed prior to launching a campaign." Andrew Sloan, Business Strategy Manager, Brookson Ltd

Company Image Andrew Sloan, Business Strategy Manager, Brookson Ltd