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Lead Generation Data Services

As lead generation is a key priority for business to business organisations, leads need to be fully profiled and accurate. We work with many lead generation organisations to provide a wide range of services to fully integrate with their technologies verifying that contact details are correct, including address validation, email validation, bank validation and identity validation.

Data8 also provides a series of data supply solutions for businesses including business datanew business data and consumer data.

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"WRM Media have become very strong advocates of Data8’s real-time telephone and mobile number validation services. The solutions have consistently proven to be robust, reliable, and a core component of our data capture process. Data8’s service is so much more sophisticated than ubiquitous form-based validation where, just because it looks valid doesn’t mean it is. Ultimately, a forged or typo phone number is totally useless to our business. Through investing in Data8’s real-time phone validation services, we’re able to provide more accurate leads, thus increasing the return that we’re making” Project Manager, WRM Media

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