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IOCEA Integration

The Data8 Address Validation​ plugin gives you full access to our cutting-edge address validation and postcode lookup service, enabling you to quickly capture address data whenever you need it through our secure servers. These services are already integrated into Iocea eCommerce Solutions!

Thanks to our partnership with IOCEA, it's even easier than ever to get these services set-up and running on your website. If you’re looking to increase ROI through reduced basket abandonments, the address validation and postcode lookup service is the solution for you.

Get Started

Getting started could not be simpler. These services are already integrated into Iocea eCommerce Solutions!


Iocea’s eCommerce platform, Cshop rivals other leading platforms, but offers a more long-term solution to selling online. This advanced, simple to operate eCommerce platform has been developed over the past 20 years and is being continually developed to provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience.

From an easy-to-use content management system and blogging module to reporting and data, the Cshop platform has a proven track record of delivering impressive results. Not to mention, Cshop is an impressively feature rich platform with new developments coming monthly!


Operating an eCommerce business can be challenging, but with Iocea’s custom Order Management System, Olive, time can be saved on manual tasks and you can use automation to your strength. Olive has been specifically designed to give you the power to efficiently process your orders individually or in bulk, manage stock and integrate with third party marketplaces and couriers. The Data8 Address Validation and Post Code Look Up plugins easily integrate with Olive, meaning all address data is automatically transferred across to this system, making it simple to pick, pack and dispatch.

Key Features

We’ve listed just a few of the key features below…

  • Capture all orders in one dedicated space
  • End to end order management from purchase through to dispatch and returns
  • Control stock in multiple locations (real and virtual)
  • Fully manage your inventory with our stock management tools
  • Integrate with your courier of choice to allow customers to track their orders online



These enable you to enhance your online capabilities and streamline business processes. Find out more at iocea


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