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The Data8 Adobe Commerce (Magento) Address, Phone & Email Validation​ plugin gives you full access to our award-winning address validation service, allowing to quickly capture address data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our secure servers. Our services can be installed and integrated into Magento within minutes!

Our Magento plugin stands out as we probably have the most advanced fuzzy logic matching available, we can make sure that you don't miss out on getting the right address details if a customer misses out characters or puts in an incorrect address.

Thanks to our simple configuration page and detailed step-by-step guide, we’ve made it easier than ever before to get our plugin set up and running on your website.

Services Available Within Magento

There's a number of services available within Magento including address capture and validation.

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Predictive Address Validation

As your customer starts to type their address or postcode, our advanced predictive technology analyses the PAF to narrow down the options, intelligently predicting, completing and standardising all necessary fields.

By applying our cutting-edge technology to all necessary forms on your Magento site, including checkout and account creation, you’ll speed up data entry by up to 80%, while enhancing the accuracy of your database

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See how the Magento Address Validation plugin can help transform your site

Our fuzzy logic means you can start at any point of the address, or even misspell it. Try "four" instead of "4" as a house number!

Not sure what to type? Why not try:

This table shows the relative age and wealth of the local population compared to the country as a whole. A - F indicates the age (A being the youngest, F the oldest), and 1 - 4 indicates the wealth (1 being the wealthiest, 4 being the least wealthy).

  A B C D E F


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Phone Validation

Phone Validation

As your customer enters a phone number or email address, our extension instantly verifies if it’s currently accurate, active and contactable, highlighting any invalid fields in red.

By adding our innovative validation tool to all essential phone and email fields, you’ll avoid capturing bogus data, saving time and money contacting invalid details, and reducing the risk of a mistyped digit or character becoming a missed opportunity.

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Check out the Phone Validating app for yourself!


Like what you're seeing? Why not select one of the following options...


There are so many benefits to using the Data8 plugin for your Magento platform

Benefit 1

Highly customisable

Depending on your unique needs, our plugin can be easily customised to validate fields on data entry or form submission, and can be applied to various forms across your site.

Benefit 2

Increase conversions

By providing easier website usability, delivering faster check outs, and requiring minimum friction, you’ll boost your reputation, cut cart abandonments and increase conversions.

Benefit 3

Improve delivery efficiency

By verifying, standardising and completing all fields of an address in real time, you’ll enhance data accuracy, helping orders to arrive on time with fast delivery turnaround times.

Benefit 4

Reduced key strokes

With advanced predictive technology, you’ll streamline checkouts, speeding up the process by up to 80% and autocompleting all necessary fields in minimum keystrokes.

Benefit 5

Enhanced business intelligence

By capturing accurate and complete data in real time, you’ll gain an enhanced view of every customer, therefore achieving a more valuable insight for future marketing strategies.

Benefit 6

Save time and money

By highlighting invalid fields in real-time, your customers can immediately correct errors, saving time and money contacting inaccurate records and re-processing failed payments.

Getting Started

Download the Magento plugin directly from our website or via the Magento Marketplace - the choice is yours.




We are with you every step of the way. We have created these helpful guides to ensure installing the plugin is quick and easy.

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