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Meet the growing demand for fast, reliable and seamless ecommerce solutions with Data8’s suite of award winning data quality tools.

By validating, autocompleting and standardising all aspects of your customer’s data in real time, Data8 will take your ecommerce store to new heights, instantly boosting your brand reputation, ROI and data integrity.

With a simple API key authentication, our extension is configurable from version up to the latest update, and can be easily integrated in minutes thanks to our simple step by step guide.

Services Available Within Opencart

There's a number of services available within Opencart including address capture and validation.

Opencart Feature 1

Postcode Lookup and PredictiveAddress Validation

As your customers type their address, whether it be their house name, street or postcode, our predictive address technology simultaneously refines the PAF to intelligently predict, standardise and complete all fields.

Similarly, if your customers choose to find their address via our postcode lookup tool, our extension will instantly display all potential addresses with that postcode on a small drop-down list. Once the desired address is selected, all necessary fields will be instantly completed and standardised.

By adding our market-leading address validation solutions to all necessary forms, such as adding and editing address book entries and checkout details, you’ll significantly minimise customer keystrokes and friction, while enhancing your data quality.

Give it a go for yourself!

See how our Address Validation plugin can help transform your site

Our fuzzy logic means you can start at any point of the address, or even misspell it. Try "four" instead of "4" as a house number!

Not sure what to type? Why not try:

This table shows the relative age and wealth of the local population compared to the country as a whole. A - F indicates the age (A being the youngest, F the oldest), and 1 - 4 indicates the wealth (1 being the wealthiest, 4 being the least wealthy).

  A B C D E F


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Opencart feature 2

Phone and Email Validation

As your customers enter their phone number or email address, our system automatically carries out a live check, instantly verifying if it’s currently active and contactable, and highlighting any invalid fields in red.

By verifying phone and email data when your customers purchase a product, create an account or edit an account, you’ll seize every sales opportunity, saving time spent contacting invalid records and re-capturing correct data.

Give it a go for yourself!

Check out the Phone Validating app for yourself!


Like what you're seeing? Why not select one of the following options...


There are a wide range of benefits to using the data8 plugin for your OpenCart platform

Benefit 1

Highly customisable

Based on your bespoke needs, our plugin can be easily applied to various forms and fields across your site, and customised to validate at point of entry or on form submission.

Benefit 2

Saves time and money

By instantly emphasising invalid fields in red, your customer can immediately correct errors, saving time reaching out to non-existent records and re-processing failed payments.

Benefit 3

Reduces cart abandonments

By autocompleting all address fields with minimum time, keystrokes and friction required, you’ll improve UX and therefore reduce the risk of abandoned carts.

Benefit 4

Protects brand image

By capturing valid, quality data, you’re more likely to reach your target audience first time, therefore protecting your image and boosting your reputation.

Benefit 5

Increases conversions

By improving website, checkout and delivery efficiency, you’ll significantly reduce cart abandonments and improve customer satisfaction, optimizing conversions long-term.

Benefit 6

Improve delivery efficiency

By capturing complete, accurate address data in real time, you can guarantee fast turnaround times, and be confident of a better customer satisfaction.

Getting Started

Download the Opencart app directly from the website or via the Opencart Marketplace - the choice is yours.

When installing directly from the website, you will need to rename the zip file to ``.


Manual Installation Help

Having downloaded your file, you can now upload it to your Opencart site. If you aren't sure, see the guide below for screenshots and help on how to achieve this.

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