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Instantly reach every customer in more than 240 countries with real-time validation solutions from Data8.

By verifying, autocompleting and standardising all aspects of your customer’s data at point of entry, Data8 will instantly boost your customer’s satisfaction, brand reputation, and business’s ROI.

Using a simple API key authentication, our extension is configurable from version upwards and can be easily integrated in minutes thanks to our step by step guide.

Services Available Within PrestaShop

There's a number of services available within PrestaShop including address capture and validation.

Pretashop feature 2

Phone and Email Validation

Within seconds of a number or email address being entered in your specified form fields, we’ll automatically carry out a live check, instantly verifying if it’s currently active and contactable, while highlighting any invalid fields in red.

By adding real time contact validation to your checkout and account creation forms, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again, improving campaign delivery rate, enhancing your sender reputation and increasing conversions.

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Check out the Phone Validating app for yourself!


Like what you're seeing? Why not select one of the following options...

Pretashop feature 2

Predictive Address

As your customer starts to type any part of their address, whether it be their postcode or street name, our advanced technology simultaneously narrows down the options to intelligently predict and complete all necessary fields.

By integrating our cutting-edge predictive address validation on both account creation and checkout, you’ll speed up customer form completion by 80%, minimising keystrokes and enhancing the value of your database.

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See how our Address Validation plugin can help transform your site

Our fuzzy logic means you can start at any point of the address, or even misspell it. Try "four" instead of "4" as a house number!

Not sure what to type? Why not try:

This table shows the relative age and wealth of the local population compared to the country as a whole. A - F indicates the age (A being the youngest, F the oldest), and 1 - 4 indicates the wealth (1 being the wealthiest, 4 being the least wealthy).

  A B C D E F


There are so many benefits to using the data8 plugin for your Prestashop website

Benefit 1

Increased conversions

In today’s fast paced world, it’s extremely easy to make a typo. By validating data in real time, you’ll reduce the risk of this mistyped character becoming a missed opportunity.

Benefit 2

Reduced cart abandonments

By requiring minimum time, keystrokes and friction from your customer, you’ll improve their satisfaction and UX, therefore reducing the risk of them abandoning their cart.

Benefit 3

Protects brand image

By validating data in real time, you’re more likely to send the right information to the right customers at the right time, boosting your reputation and protecting your company image.

Benefit 4

Improve delivery efficiency

With accurate, standardised and complete address data, you can guarantee faster turnaround times, confident in the knowledge that all orders will arrive on time, first time.

Benefit 5

Increases employee productivity

By prompting your customers to correct invalid data in real time, you’ll boost your employee’s productivity, reducing time spent contacting invalid records and re-capturing data.

Benefit 6

Custom options

With a range of customisable options, you can apply our plugin to specific fields across your site, while tailoring it to validate at point of entry or on form submission.

Getting Started

Download the Prestashop plugin and upload it to your site. Enter your API key on the configuration page, and choose the options to suit your needs. If you aren't sure, see the guide below for screenshots and help on how to achieve this.

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