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Discover the power of a valuable database by seamlessly integrating your Salesforce CRM with Data8's complete data quality solution. By delivering complete record integrity and enhanced business insights, our suite of award-winning tools increase data quality, boost productivity and improve ROI.

Services Available Within Salesforce

There's a number of services available within Salesforce including address capture, validation and business insights.

The Data8 Salesforce plugin has been updated to support and utilize Lightning in Salesforce. The update contains many new features and improvements to the plugin, such as


Standalone Lightning components for TPS and Bank Validation

Standalone Visualforce page for Predictive Address

Simple real-time validation integration with an Object Button Override

Improved ‘Settings’ page with more customisation options

Get Started

Use the buttons below to install the Data8 Salesforce plugin and access to the How To Guide.

Additional Salesforce Integration Help from data8