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Discover the power of a valuable database by seamlessly integrating your Salesforce CRM with Data8's complete data quality solution.

By delivering complete record integrity and enhanced business insights, our suite of award-winning tools increase data quality, boost productivity and improve ROI.

Our solution is configurable with the new lightning update and is easy to integrate with our simple step by step guide.

Predictive Address

As you type a business name, street or postcode, our innovative solution simultaneously narrows down the options to intelligently predict and complete all necessary address and geolocation fields.

By integrating our cutting-edge technology on both record creation and editing pages, you’ll cut entry time by up to 95%, minimising keystrokes and enhancing the value of your database.

Phone and email validation

Looking beyond syntax, Data8 instantly verifies if the data is currently active and contactable, highlighting any invalid fields in red and formatting all data correctly. Our extension can also be customised to perform TPS and CTPS checks in real time or batch.

By verifying phone and email data when creating and editing a record, you’ll save time contacting invalid details, seize every sales opportunity and reduce the risk of legal fines.

Bank Verification

When you enter a sort code and account number, we simultaneously verify if the data is accurate and active, instantly highlighting any invalid fields in red. Our extension can also convert basic bank details and populate full bank addresses from just a sort code.

Through integrating our advanced bank verification into Salesforce’s record creation and editing forms, you’ll significantly help fraud protection, cut expensive erroneous payments and boost your ROI.

Reduce the risk of legal fines

By checking if a number is registered with the TPS, you protect your brand reputation, reaching out to the right prospects and reducing the risk of legal fines.

Enhances productivity

With advanced technology, you’ll significantly speed up data entry, save time contacting invalid records, and better prioritise campaign prospects by company size and turnover.

Highly customisable

With a simple API key authentication and easy set-up interface, our extension boasts various custom fields and objects, so you can quickly tailor it to suit your unique needs.

Increased conversions

With an enhanced insight into a company’s background and financial position, you can make more informed trading decisions, safeguard your business from bad debt, and boost ROI.

Save time and money

By flagging invalid data, employee’s can immediately correct errors, saving time and money contacting invalid records, recapturing data, and re-processing failed payments

Enhanced business intelligence

With an enhanced company profile, you can make more strategic decisions, safeguard your company from bad debt and dissolved companies, and discover new business opportunities.

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