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Discover the value of a comprehensive, accurate database with Data8’s cutting edge solution.

When you integrate your Shopify store with our suite of award-winning tools, you’ll boost customer satisfaction and enhance brand reputation to achieve an excellent ROI.

Phone and email validation

Looking beyond syntax, Data8 instantly validates if the phone number and email address entered is currently active and contactable, highlighting any invalid fields in red and formatting all data correctly.

By verifying your customer’s contact details in real time, you’ll save time and money spent contacting invalid records, improve customer satisfaction through continued support and service, and reduce the risk of mistyped sales opportunities.

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Check out the Phone Validating app for yourself!

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Predictive address

At the same time a house name, number, street or postcode is typed, our innovative solution instantly refines the options to intelligently predict, complete and format all necessary address fields.

By integrating our cutting-edge technology across your store, you’ll cut form completion time by up to 95%, minimising customer friction and increasing data quality.

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See how our Address Validation plugin can help transform your site

Our fuzzy logic means you can start at any point of the address, or even misspell it. Try "four" instead of "4" as a house number!

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There's so many benefits to using the data8 plugin for your Shopify platform

Bespoke options

By combining a simple configuration page with personalised expert support, you can quickly and easily apply our suite of tools to custom fields and forms throughout your site.

Enhanced customer insight

By capturing accurate, genuine data in real time, you’ll gain an enhanced view of every customer, achieving a more valuable insight for future marketing strategies.

Enhanced brand reputation

Through faster form completion, more personalised experiences and continued customer service efforts, you’ll enhance your customer satisfaction and boost your brand reputation.

Increased employee productivity

By instantly flagging invalid data, your customers can promptly correct errors, saving employees time and money contacting invalid records and re-processing failed payments.

Award-winning support

By improving business intelligence, increasing email deliverability and boosting your brand reputation, you’ll increase conversions and therefore gain a significantly higher ROI.

Save time and money

By highlighting invalid fields in real time, your customer’s can immediately correct errors, saving time and money contacting inaccurate records and re-processing failed payments.

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