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What has the DMA ever done for us?

10/06/2013 by John Turtle

The DMA, the mouth piece of the direct marketing industry, OK it is helpful and the fact that you are a member may help you get on tender lists, some companies won’t even entertain your submission without it.

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EU relaxes its stance on opt-in marketing

01/05/2013 by John Turtle

It looks like that the EU is relaxing its proposal to make all marketing data opt-in, according to James Milligan, Solicitor, Direct Marketing Association.

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Sally joins our Marketing Team

24/04/2013 by John Turtle

New appointments at data8

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UK Retail Sales Suffer Worst Fall On Record

12/04/2011 by Bernie Sherlock

The BRC said total sales in March were down 1.9% on a year ago, although the early timing of Easter last year had an effect on the figures.But the BRC said shoppers did not want to spend "unless they really had to".

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The harmonious marriage between data quality and a successful campaign

12/01/2011 by Rishi Kathuria

How to ensure a happy marriage between your data and your marketing campaigns

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