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Global search is a feature in which you can run any number of rules at a single time across your system to quickly find existing records using the data8 duplicare logic.

Enabling Rules for Global Search

Each dedupe+ rule contains a field that says, “Global Search Enabled”. If this is set to yes, the rule is included for all users using Global Search.

When you change or set this to “Yes” the ribbon of the matching entity type will have a button added which looks like this if there isn’t already one there.

If setting the field to “Yes” requires that ribbon change, you will see an “Import Solution” system job appear which is importing that ribbon change. Once that solution has completed importing, perform a “Publish All Customizations” for the button to appear.


Configuring Mappings

Each field used across all the global search enabled dedupe+ rules can be mapped for global search. To configure these mappings, navigate back to the configuration page of the solution and click the “Configure Global Search” button which will redirect you to the configuration page.

To configure global search, you can create input fields for the form and map them to fields specified on the dedupe+ rule.

  1. To add a new field entirely, click the “+ Add New Field” button. This will create a new row on your global search. You can also specify the type of the input – at the time of writing, this will not change any behaviour and is more for reference.

  2. Once you have a field row, you can add a new mapping to that field by clicking “+ Add New Mapping”. Two drop down boxes will appear, one will contain a list of possible entities (entities that have dedupe+ rules configured) and one a list of the possible fields that can be mapped – note that changing the entity can change the fields you have available as this is a dynamic list of fields. Only fields that do not have a current mapping will be listed – if you wish to re-map a field, you’ll first have to remove the existing mapping.

  3. Once you have built up your data mapping, simply click “Save Changes” and it will store that configuration for use throughout the system.


Using Global Search

To use global search, just click the “Global Search” button that was added to the ribbon. A form should display which is using the configuration you have just made.

Input the data you wish to search for and click “Search”. This will work through all your global search enabled rules before listing your results.

You can tell what entity the record belongs to by its icon and you can also click the row to go and view that record. If you decide that you’d like to make the data as a new record due to no suitable matching record you can select the record type you want to create and click Go to make a new record – this will use the mappings configured for global search and will pop open a brand new, unsaved record with the fields populated.


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