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With market-leading technology, Duplicare scans every entity to detect all potential duplicates within a database.

Looking beyond simple matches, Data8 checks for variations in names, email addresses, house addresses and company names to capture all potential replicas.

Duplicare offers the ability to do much needed checks such as comparing multiple email address or telephone numbers and offers many more rules in order to build a bespoke set of duplicate rules that work for your business.



Duplicare adds the ability to merge more than 2 records at any time and by using custom rules that we will help you build you can add intelligence into your merging window to make the process quick and simple whilst keeping the highest level of data quality possible.

With a master selection rule, you can choose between conflicting record contents, select different contact details from each record, and merge any field within Dynamics via our easy to use UI.

Any existing business processes that rely on merge will still function as normally and Duplicare simply sits on top and maximises efficiency.

Duplicate prevention
Duplicate prevention

Duplicate Prevention

Did you know Duplicare can be exposed to portals and web forms via API? This enables automatic deduplication in real time.

By merging live data with ghost records at point of entry, you eliminate the creation of multiple records, reducing the need for regular dedupe runs.

Duplicare can also be used during any import process so your data imports can be more accurate than ever before.

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