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Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing
Bad data costs businesses up to 25% of revenue - Don't let yours be one of them

Is Clean Data Driving Your Business Forward?

Regular data cleansing ensures your database is up-to-date enabling you to reduce unnecessary costs, deliver targeted campaigns, and stay compliant with the Data Protection Act. Whatever your CRM, we can provide data cleansing solutions which meet your needs as our technology integrates fully with many CRM systems.

Avoid lost revenue and unnecessary costs with our comprehensive range of data cleansing solutions, including an Express Online Service or a Bureau Services to suit your business needs.

Contact and Addresses

Address Cleansing

PAF cleansing to correct invalid or misspelled addresses, postcodes and standardise address structure.

Telephone Appending

Add accurate telephone numbers to your database.

Email Validation

Validate that email addresses are complete, consistent, and deliverable.

Email Appending

Enrich your list by appending business email addresses

Prospect Verification

Confirm and validate prospects in your database.

How Bad Is Your Data?  

The best way to find out is by getting a Data Quality Report of your data.

It takes minutes...and the best part it's free!

Suppressions & Deduplication


Reduce cost and prevent wastage by removing duplicate entries.

Deceased Suppression

Avoid causing distress and prevent possible fraud by identifying deceased individuals and remove them from your database.

Goneaway Suppression

Identify people who have moved away

Mover Identification

Identify movers’ new residential or business location.

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Demographic Profiling

Identify crucial market segments to improve your marketing campaigns 

Wealth and Financial Profiling

Add wealth indicators and build a full demographic profile of your customers

Preference Centre

Telephone Preference Service

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a list of telephone numbers maintained by the Direct Marketing Association that companies are not allowed to contact for sales and marketing purposes.

Corporate Telephone Preference Service

The Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) is a list of telephone numbers or businesses maintained by the Direct Marketing Association that companies are not allowed to contact for sales purposes.

Mailing Preference Service

Check names and address against the MPS before direct marketing campaigns


CRM Solutions

Our data cleansing solutions can work within various CRM systems


The Data Quality Report is a superb piece of kit. It saved me lots of time and tedious effort. Great job! Steven Rittey - Wheel2Wheel Holidays

Company Image Steven Rittey - Wheel2Wheel Holidays

Just wanted to say what a great and easy to use website you have. I did not expect getting my data sorted to be anywhere near that easy. Paul Whiteside, Hemingways Marketing Services Limited

Company Image Paul Whiteside, Hemingways Marketing Services Limited