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  • Ensure a clear and accurate view of your contact database
  • Reduce costs of database by reducing number of contacts
  • Deliver effective digital communication and protect your brand image
  • Reduce mailing costs by reaching intended audience

Free From Duplicates Free From Unnecessary Costs. Unclutter Your Database with Data8’s De-duplication Services.

The amount of data in today’s business environment has exponentially grown and it’s become increasingly difficult to manage it. Deduplication services help you identify and merge duplicate records ensuring data quality improvement which in turn helps you save money by greatly reducing storage and outbound communication costs.

Most deduplication services allow for exact match detection only, Data8’s revolutionary system uses fuzzy matching techniques and cleans data even when there is misspelling or errors.

De-duplication is also provided as part of our bureau service available to customers with complex data cleansing needs. To see how we have helped our clients click here.



  • Robust de-duplication algorithms that go beyond email
  • Detects similar matches in addition to exact duplicates
  • No technical knowledge or sign up fees
  • Move towards a Single Customer View using ‘fuzzy matching’

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