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Deceased Suppression


  • Protect your brand image
  • Reduce outbound communication costs
  • Increase ROI by reducing expenses.
  • Make intelligent business decisions

Avoid marketing mishaps and reduce costs with Data8’s deceased suppression services.

Data8’s deceased suppression services helps you instantly clean your database by identifying and removing deceased individuals. With our powerful yet easy to use interface, you can quickly identify and remove deceased individuals ensuring you avoid causing distress to the deceased's relatives and save time and money by eliminating wasted outbound communications.

Through our credible sources updated on a consistent basis, Data8’s unrivaled deceased suppression services ensure your records are up to date. The cost of our service will be far less than your mailing cost, so our customers use the services before every mailing campaign. 

Deceased suppression is also provided as part of our bureau service available for complex data cleansing needs.



  • The widest range of data sources available
  • Includes Mortascreen, TBR, NDR
  • Costs less than mailing costs
  • Comply with Data Protection Act

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