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Email Validation

There are 178 million domain names on the web, but only 71 million of these are live. That's just 40%. It's easy to see why so many databases contain a large amount of invalid email addresses - it doesn't just affect communications; it could potentially be affecting compliance too.

This is where email validation comes in. It works on an ad hoc basis, identifying and correcting bogus email addresses in your database.



Why do you need it?



Improve email deliverability by identifying and fixing spelling errors in all parts of an email address


Reduce bounce rates - avoid your emails being blocked or marked as spam


Our technology detects whether the mailbox actually exists and can receive incoming mail using live checks


Improve your email reputation and leave a good taste, knowing that emails have been sent to the right person



How email validation helped Elemis

Elemis' database now contains no duplicates and they have improved their bounce rates and engagement rates by updating the details in their email database. 

“Data8 gave us full support in cleansing our data from start to finish, making the whole process straight forward and easy to complete. With their help we have now minimised email bounce backs by eliminating false/inactive addresses which has in turn improved our email open and bounce rates."

CRM Executive, Elemis





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