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Email Validation


  • Reduce email bounces
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Identify and fix common misspellings
  • Detect free and disposable addresses
Reduce the number ‘bounces’ and improve your online reputation

Data8’s full service email validation services help our customers increase email marketing efficiency and comply with can spam legislation. Our comprehensive email validation services include:  syntax verification, DNS validation, disposable email address (DEA) detection, SMTP connection and availability checking, temporary unavailability detection, mailbox existence checking, Catch-All testing, and Greylisting detection.

This comprehensive service ensures reduction of bounce rate and increase of email deliverability resulting in effective marketing and ultimately increased ROI.

Email Validation is also provided as part of our bureau service available for customers with complex data cleansing needs.



  • Comprehensive levels of validation
  • Quick and easy to use

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