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PAF Cleansing


  • Improve marketing campaigns effectiveness
  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Save time and money by reducing mailing costs
  • Take advantage of postal discounts

Ensure your address database is accurate and up to date.

Complete and accurate addresses in your customer database helps ensure that your communication reaches the intended recipients and reduces waste. Our online PAF Cleansing service compares your address data against Royal Mail's PAF (Postcode Address File) and instantly updates records in your file.

Through this service customers can improve their traditional marketing efforts, enhance customer experience, save time and money, and ensure an overall clean database free of errors. Having the correct addresses will help to reduce the cost of handling returns from failed deliveries. It will also protect your brand image by ensuring deliveries are on time and reliable.

PAF Cleansing is also provided as part of our bureau service available for customers with complex data cleansing needs.



  • Verify your data against over 28 million addresses, updated monthly
  • Easy to use and you get instant results
  • Provided as part of batch cleansing services

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