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Profile Appending


  • Append age, income and wealth indicators against your customers
  • Searches our database of around 40m UK Residents
  • Includes Edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register and more
  • Demographically tag addresses

Identify valuable information and build your B2B and B2C database

Profile Appending allows you to identify and add valuable data to your records ensuring your database is complete and accurate. With our B2C Profile Appending service you can append the current residents of that premise and add Age, Income, Wealth and Longevity indicators. Adding value to your data.

Data8's Profile Appending file contains almost 40m records and is built up of the Edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register, infill data and a wealth of other data sources. All records are cross-checked and verified so that each name and address we provide is as accurate as possible.

Identifying key demographic information helps you analyse your data, and ensures all marketing campaigns are correctly targeted. By adding our Profile Data you will increase the value of your data as you will have a very clear view of the types of customers using your services.

Profile appending is also provided as part of our bureau service, available for anyone who has more complex data cleansing needs.

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  • Build a demographic profile of your customers
  • Develop more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Help prevent possible fraud

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