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Data Management
Data Management
Improve your customer understanding and obtain a clear vision for your marketing strategy

Data8's Data Management Solutions Put You In Control Of Your Data

The more you understand your customer the better you can deploy your marketing resources across today’s multi-channel media. Our range of services will help you take control of your data.

Single Customer View

All data from all systems in one place so you can understand and better communicate with your customers.

Valuable information spread out in different systems disconnected from each other is a common problem in many organizations. It’s difficult to market to the right audience with the right information when you don’t have the right data.

How much better would your customer acquisition and retention strategy be with a Single Customer View?

Single Customer View brings your data together in one place giving you a comprehensive and accurate view of your customer. Unique data variables are created relating to the recency, frequency and value of your client’s purchasing. These are vital for enhancing your customer understanding, data selections for campaigns or creating customer segmentation.  

Campaign Management

Customer communication in today’s fast-paced environment must be relevant, personalised, and timely. Data8 offers multichannel campaign management and execution solutions, allowing you to deliver these three core elements.

When you know key information about your prospects and customers such as their activities and behaviours, buying habits and engagement, you are able to communicate with them in a personal way that is more effective.

We provide the following services helping our clients with their results-driven campaigns:

  • Multichannel Campaign Execution
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Segmentation and predictions

Customer Insights

Customer acquisition and retention powered by understanding your customer. 

By understanding your prospects and customers, ‘who’ they are, ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they behave, you are better equipped to communicate with them in a deep personal way and build connections that ultimately leads to higher revenue.

You can benefit from the following Insight services: 

  • Profiling – Demographic, psychographics and behavioural data giving you a full view of your customer.
  • Predictive Analytics – What if you could turn the knob in a direction that gives you higher returns? Predictive Analytics empowers you to focus on those sectors that will deliver the required return.

Reporting and Analytics

End to End reporting and key metrics at your fingertips measure your success against KPIs, providing actionable data

We work with you to deliver data on key metrics you can view and measure against your goals. 

Services include:

  • Designing,  building and managing dashboards
  • Data Visualisation
  • Customer Interactions and Profitability

You will benefit from:

  • Quick and easy reports with an instant refresh
  • Visibility over your campaigns and customer interactions
  • Focus on KPIs and measure against them
  • Save time

How To Obtain Effective Data Driven Marketing 


How a company achieved a 360o customer view.

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