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Validating Email Addresses

Did you know, of the over 178 million domain names on the Internet, only 71 million (40%) are actually live? Avoid bogus email addresses being entered with our real-time email validation web service which identifies and corrects errors in both the username and domain parts of the address.


Email Validation


Verifying email addresses 

Most traditional methods of email address validation only check that it looks like an email address, so if it has a ‘@’ in the middle with some valid characters on either side. Our realtime email verification solution goes much further:

  • It checks that the email domain exists and can accept messages
  • Checks that the domain will accept messages for the individual mailbox
  • Suggests corrections for misspelt domain names
  • Suggests corrections for misspelt user names
  • Identifies email addresses as personal, generic, free etc

If you are an ASP.NET developer you can use our ready-made ASP.NET validator controls to use this service as a standard ASP.NET validator.

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