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Make duplicate records a thing of the past using bespoke rules to de-duplicate, merge and standardise multiple records all at once within your Microsoft Dynamics 2016 or Dynamics 365 CE.


The presence of duplicates in a database is costly, may skew results from analytics and can damage your brand image. Duplicare is an automated tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 which offers the ability to merge multiple records and is customisable for quick merge bulk de-duplication of existing records, all within Dynamics 365.


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data8 duplicare™ - What Does It Involve? 




Identify and merge any number of records at once and store in one master record.


Quick merge

Merge a number of records quickly and easily with just one click.



Ensure your data is stored and formatted correctly for your business needs.


Full integration

Download from Appsource and easily integrate into CE.



Merge details into one master record without losing any previous information.


Custom rules

Create custom rules specific to your CE and implement in the 'quick merge' feature.


data8 duplicare™ - Want to know more...


data8 duplicare™ - Check out the overview 

data8 duplicare™ - Features




 Native to Dynamics

 Data security is not compromised

 Fully integrated into CE  

 No API – data remains in CE

 Setup help included in the price

 No additional costs

 Multiple record processing once rules have been validated and tested

 Quick and automated removal of duplicates resulting in   reduced time and cost

 Build-your-own matching rules

 Develop your own rules using an easy to use interface   designed around the “Advanced Find” interface, to cater for your exact requirements, and to enable single-click removal of duplicates

 Strong fuzzy logic matching

 Greater capture of duplicates including partially matching   duplicates

 Multi merge of everything tool

 Merge any field and select different contact details from   each record, within Dynamics,  via easy to use UI (based   upon the duplicate merging tool offered by Microsoft)

 Fast multiple record merging

 Based on predefined rules, you can merge any number of   records of any entity with one click

 Easy integration into Microsoft   Dynamic CE

 Simple integration means minimum setup time and development costs. Downloadable from Microsoft Appsource,   plus other download route for non-‘on-line’ users



Full Feature List



  • Choose information to keep with a master selection rule

  • Ensure consistency across your database

  • A wide array of fields ensure you won't lose information

  • Multi merge across fields - no telephone numbers in job descriptions

  • Bespoke rules to suit your CE

  • Merge any number of records manually at once - saving time and effort

  • Merge unsaved entries and avoid losing details

Custom Rule Building

  • Create custom rules to suit your business

  • Easy to understand and implement

  • Navigation and interface

  • Choose real-time or batch implementation

  • Advanced fuzzy matching technology

Advanced Fuzzy Logic

  • Technology goes beyond simple name matches

  • Detect variations in names, email addresses, house addresses and company names

  • Ensure no duplicate is missed