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Achieve complete data excellence by integrating your investment with Data8’s award-winning data quality solution.

Compatible with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50cloud Accounts, we provide all the tools to enhance the value of your database through advanced record integrity, efficient data entry and enhanced financial insights.

Address Validation

At the same time you enter a postcode, Data8 simultaneously analyses the PAF (Postcode Address File), instantly displaying all possible addresses on a small drop down list. Once the desired address is selected, our extension will instantaneously fill all necessary fields, ensuring your customer’s address data is meticulously verified, standardised and completed in real time.

Phone Validation

While most validation solutions on the market simply check the length and arrangement of numbers and emails, we go much further. Looking beyond syntax; we verify if the data is actually genuine, active and contactable in real time. At point of entry, our tool will instantly highlight invalid fields in red. That way, your employees can clarify and correct errors immediately, ensuring your customer data is 100% accurate from the offset.

Bank Validation

As you enter a sort code and account number, we simultaneously verify if the data is genuine, accurate and active, converting basic bank details into IBAN and BIC, and automatically populating bank addresses from just a sort code. Again, by instantly highlighting invalid fields in red, our tool offers the opportunity to directly confirm and amend mistakes in real time, capturing correct data first time, and ensuring faster, successful payments.


There's a wide range of benefits to using data8 with your Sage platform


Improve employee satisfaction

With our suite of award-winning tools, you’ll avoid potential payroll mistakes, boost employee efficiency, and improve UX, all of which contribute to a heightened team morale.

Reduce fraud risk

By verifying all contact and account details at point of entry, you’ll reduce the risk of capturing incorrect data, avoiding erroneous payments and helping fraud protection.

Award-winning support

Our dedication to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop at integration. In fact, our award-winning team is always on-hand to offer unsurpassed support throughout your data journey.

Save time and money

By immediately flagging invalid data, your employees can promptly correct errors, saving time and money spent contacting invalid records and re-processing failed payments.

Improved productivity

With advanced postcode lookup, you’ll significantly reduce keystrokes, speed up data entry, and increase overall businesses productivity, all while enhancing data reliability.

Increased conversions

By storing accurate, quality data, you’ll significant improve business intelligence, increase email deliverability and enhance the success rate of sales and marketing efforts.

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