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Due to a recent security change in Salesforce Winter '20 Update, you will need to assign the `Data8 User` permission set to non-admin users. Information on how to do this can be found at the bottom of the Configuration section.

Our plugin for Salesforce supports lightning and contains the following features:

  • PredictiveAddress
  • Company Information Lookup
  • TPS and CTPS checking
  • Bank Account Validation
  • International Telephone Validation
  • Telephone Formatting
  • Email Validation
  • Unusable Name Validation


Our plugin makes use of the lightning update to integrate PredictiveAddress, real-time validation, and TPS checking (amongst a variety of other services) into record forms for standard and custom objects and can even be applied to custom fields.


  1. Install the Data8 Salesforce plugin by visiting the install link provided, or by clicking the 'Install' button below:
  1. Sign into your organisation and click the ‘Install’ button.
  2. Agree to allowing requests to the domain as this is necessary for our validation API’s to work.
  3. Once you see the installation complete screen, click the done button.


Due to a security change in Salesforce Winter '20 Update, you will need to assign the `Data8 User` permission set to non-admin users. Information on how to do this can be found at the bottom of the Configuration section.

The Settings Page

This page contains all of the configuration options for Data8 Address Capture and Validation.

A server-side API key is required to use our services. PredictiveAddress requires a client-side API key also. This can be generated on the Dashboard of your Data8 account under the Validation tab. If you don’t already have an account, you can get a free trial of our services on the Data8 website.

If you have updated our plugin from an older version, you will have noticed a big change in the layout of this page. All of the existing options are still available, along with some new options to give you further control of validation on your site. We also replaced the username and password authentication method with a more secure API key method. All validation is now performed in real-time, and no longer requires a separate Visualforce component for each service.

To get to the global settings page for the Data8 plugin, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the home page of your Salesforce organisation.
  2. In the App Launcher (top left corner), find and click ‘Data8 Settings’ to open the settings/configuration page.
  3. Enter your Data8 server-side API key (found on your Data8 Dashboard).
  4. Choose the configuration options that suit your needs.
  5. When you're done, remember to click ‘Save’.

Configuration Help

Setting Name Description
API Key This should be a server-side key. You can create a new key on your Data8 Dashboard.
Load Record On Save When using the record form override implementation, this option determines whether the saved record is displayed after saving, or if a new, blank form is created (for creating records in bulk).
PredictiveAddress Settings There are a variety of settings available for the PredictiveAddress service:
Mappings Use the mappings section to indicate where you want the returned address to be stored. The `Nation` field (found by enabling `Show Advanced Mappings`) will return the Nation name, such as England, where as the Country field will return `UK`.
Country Limiting Select which countries you want to blacklist or whitelist
Returned Address Formatting Control the maximum length of an address line or the number of lines the address is spread over. Filter out any unwanted punctuation with a string of characters.
Include Multiple Residencies/Include Not Yet Built Requires additional licensing (speak to your account manager)
Use Geocoding Return Latitude and Longitude information with the address.
Other Mappings Use the various mapping options to set up your mappings for TPS or Bank Account Validation. Add your object from the list and then add mappings per object.
Minimal Company Information Limit the amount of data which the Company Information service displays.
Create Contact For Directors Create contacts for each director when using our company lookup tool.
Use Account TPS Triggers Make use of apex triggers for the account object. These triggers only check the standard telephone fields and will not work with custom fields.

Permission Issues caused by the Winter '20 Update

Due to recent changes in the Winter '20 Update, non-admin users will no longer have permissions to read from mapping configurations or the plugin settings.

To fix these permission issues, please follow the steps below:

If you are using the updated plugin:

  1. As an administrator go to Setup > Users > Permission Sets > Data8 User.
  2. Click Manage Assignments.
  3. Select all the users which you wish to apply the permission set to, and then click Add Assignments.

If you are using an older version:

If you are on the older version of the plugin, the permissions that you need to assign to non-admin users may be different. For example, you may only need to give the user the View All Custom Settings permission.


Now that you have the Data8 Salesforce plugin installed and the settings configured, you can choose which services/features you wish to configure for each object.

There are two ways to configure the email and phone validation services, the existing non-realtime method, or the new record form override method that came with the lightning update.

PredictiveAddress can now be implemented into your record details page and can be mapped dynamically to fields of your choice.

The record form override method is pre-configured to use Email, Telephone, Name, and Bank Account validation, Telephone Formatting and TPS checking in real-time.


Record Form Override

Override the default record form to get real-time email, phone, bank account and name validation, telephone formatting and TPS/CTPS checking on your records.

PredictiveAddress Configuration

PredictiveAddress (autocomplete) can be integrated in two ways: via a lightning record page or via a custom button on the page layout.

Bank Validation Configuration

Our Bank Validation service is integrated into our Record Form Override pages, bringing you real-time validation on bank account details as the record is saved.

Business Information Lookup Configuration

The Business Information Lookup service obtains useful information about a company from a company name or address. It can be added to the page layouts of objects and create a relationship between a record and a company.

TPS Configuration

TPS checking can be integrated in two ways: via a lightning record page or through a button default action override.

Legacy Validation Implementation Method

The previous method used to implement Data8 validation into your Salesforce instance before the lightning update. This method will be useful to those who do not wish to override the default record form of an object.


Record Details Displaying Cached Data

There is an issue with data caching on record details pages that can prevent the latest updates from being shown right away. If you experience these issues yourself, follow the steps below to force the page to get the latest data, every time.

  1. Go to the record details page that you are noticing delayed updates on (only have to do this once per object).
  2. Click the cog in the top right corner and go to 'Edit Page'.
  3. Drag and drop the Visualforce page component onto the page layout and then enter 'Data8_Validation_CacheFix' as the name.
  4. Save and activate the page as an org default.

This Visualforce page is a hidden component which forces the view to load the latest data rather than using a cached source.

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