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Batch Cleanse

Our systems can cleanse large files of data before marketing activities commence

Email Validation

Remove invalid emails to improve open rates and sender reputation

Phone Validation

Improve communication channels to customers by removing invalid phone records

Data8's Phone and Email Validation services can be used in batch to cleanse large files of data prior to marketing activities. This provides all the same information as if you are using the service in a real-time customer touchpoint, but allows you to cleanse all of your records in one go. These services utilise our expertise in point-of-capture validation, but allow you to process files containing millions of records to validate and cleanse before marketing activities commence.

Email Validation in Batch

Data8 email validation solutions not only check the structure of an email address, verifying if there’s an @ symbol with characters on either side, we look beyond syntax.

Our service also checks for typos, and spelling mistakes in both the username and domain parts of the address. We also verify if it currently accepts messages so you can be confident that your marketing messages will be delivered to the intended recipient.

Phone Validation in Batch

Our Phone Validation service goes beyond checking the length of the number; it verifies whether it’s callable and identifies information such as its type, location and network.

This service will also Identify whether the number entered is a landline, mobile or international number and validates appropriately, and even formats the number correctly to match, ensuring the highest level of data quality.

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