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Equifax disConnect

Equifax provides a database of confirmed goneaways and deceased. There are currently over 25 million records going back over 6 years of data.

Equifax analysis suggests that, in any one year, companies lose contact with up to 15% of their customer base through changes in customer circumstances. This can have a marked impact on the economics of marketing campaigns – just think about all the mail that lands on your doorstep addressed to a previous occupant.

Because Equifax disConnect utilises Equifax's vast databases of up-to-date and accurate proprietary data, it is able to deliver higher numbers of suppressions – representing both increased accuracy and greater coverage compared to other market products.

Equifax disConnect delivers value to direct marketers by removing customers from the campaign target list who either no longer reside at the address stated, have expressly written to Equifax requesting their name be deleted from the mailing list or who have died. By performing data cleansing and removing these non-responsive records from the list, the costs of mailing and response handling are saved and the response rate for the campaign significantly increased.



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