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The recent upturn within the engineering industry has seen employment reach over 8 million people, making the UK the seventh largest manufacturing and engineering nation in the world.

Our customer base of engineering/manufacturing companies has grown in recent years with more companies wanting to ensure their data is cleansed. More auto-fill validation solutions have been deployed to make it easier for website users to populate online forms and for companies to add new supply data and services to help increase their customer reach.  

Engineering Industry Suggestions

Data Validation

Integrates seamlessly to avoid these errors in input, ensuring that data quality is improved and maintained quickly to avoid losing engagement and interest.

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Data Cleansing

Corrects errors already in the database, introducing high levels of data quality - from de-duplication to enriching, correcting and formatting the data.

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Data8 have helped us to gain overall visibility of our data and ensures our data is up-to-date, allowing us to see areas that we can improve across the organisation.

Jeremy Salisbury, Director Strategic Business Development & Marketing, Norman Hay

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