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Can The Quality Of Data Impact on Sales?

27/07/2016 by Victoria Wilson

The quality of data in sales is often overlooked, with many companies aiming to send as many campaigns out as possible rather than target their marketing strategies using up-to–date, clean data.

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Too Early To Think About Christmas? Think Again!

25/07/2016 by Richard Bowden

For many businesses, thinking about Christmas festivities starts around now to ensure their data is accurate and standardised ready for the season. There hasn’t been a better time to start thinking about Christmas mailings.

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Postcode Lookup Enhances Data Quality

18/07/2016 by Jeremy Walker

We have all become used to entering in just our postcode and then selecting our address to have it populated as our delivery address on retail websites. With the advent of predictive address we can even now just enter our house number and start typing our street for autocompletion of our full address. Yet even the most indulgent shopaholics don’t enter their addresses into websites more than a couple of times per day.

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How can Big Data bring customer understanding?

11/07/2016 by John Turtle

For many companies the concept of Big Data is just that, a concept. Big data is nebulous and chaotic if volume of data takes centre stage rather than data management and quality. This is a mistake.

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Data Strategy for commercial success in the world of Sport - Part 2

08/07/2016 by Rich Davies

For commercial success, it’s necessary to have accurate data, and to have it all in one place, to provide a reliable understanding of every aspect of the organisation. Having all data in one place is central to data strategy which gets results. But what does a data strategy look like?

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