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Checks if a credit card number is valid | data8

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To connect to this service you'll need to use one of these endpoints:

Open API


Checks a credit card number for validity.

You can use Credit Card Validation in one of two ways:

  • Without specifying the CreditCardType - If you pass in a CreditCardType of Unknown then we will automatically detect the brand of credit card from the number (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express), and then use the relevant rules for validating that card against the number you have supplied. The CreditCardType will be returned in the result. This can be very useful for speeding up transactions as you do not need to ask the user to specify their CreditCardType.
  • Specifying the CreditCardType - If you pass in any CreditCardType other than Unknown then we will only check your card against the rules relevant for that credit card.

The system performs checks on the number range and a checksum calculation to ensure no typographical errors have been entered. It does not check with the bank that the card is live, has available credit and has not expired.

Credit Usage

Each request to this method consumes 1 CreditCardValidation credit.


The following parameters can be supplied to this method



See the available authentication methods. If you are using username & password authentication, specify the username to authenticate as. If you are using API Key authentication and you are not using the JSON, Javascript or ADO APIs, use your API Key here with the prefix apikey-, e.g. apikey-ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678


If you are using username & password authentication, specify the password to use for authentication. Otherwise leave this blank.


An object containing the details to validate. This has the following properties:

  • CreditCardType - the type of credit card to validate. Use Unknown to determine the type automatically, or select the expected type to ensure the credit card number for that type. The available types are:
    • AmericanExpress
    • DinersClubCarteBlance
    • DinersClubenRoute
    • DinersClubInternational
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Laser
    • Maestro
    • Mastercard
    • Solo
    • Switch
    • Visa
    • VisaElectron
    • Unknown
  • CreditCardNumber - the credit card number to validate

Advanced Options

The following options can be specified as part of the option parameter. Each option is specified as a key/value pair. The list of available names is shown below, along with a description of the allowable values for that name.

Common Options
Name Description


Gives the name of the calling application - used to break down usage by application in the usage reports on the dashboard


This method returns an object containing the following fields:



Indicates whether the method call was successful, or if some error occurred. If the Success field is true, the other results described below can be used to get the results of the method. If Success is false, some error occurred in calling the method, such as the authentication failed or the account is out of credits. The details of the error can be obtained from the ErrorMessage field, and any other results should be ignored


The identified type of the credit card



Indicates if the credit card number has been identified as valid or not

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